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My books (products) usually have
3 rounds of revisions
with a professional editor.

The first round looks
at all of the huge story problems.

The second round looks
at any remaining big problems,
medium problems
like pacing,
and the smaller errors
like grammar or word usage.

The third round looks
at the small errors.

Why doesn’t my editor
look at the small errors during round one?
She could
but why?
If the scene doesn’t work,
it makes no sense fixing a sentence in it.

I see this in business building all the time.
Some folks dwell on the little details
when the big problems haven’t been solved.

Seth Godin

“There are endless small details
to get right
before you have something
that you’re truly proud of.
No doubt about it.
But there are frightening and huge holes
in any bridge to the future,
and until you figure out
how to get across,
I’m not sure it matters
if you have a typo on page 4.”

Focus on the big problems first.

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