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If we’ve disappointed a customer,
delivering on our original promise
is the bare minimum of we must do
but that bare minimum
won’t make up for the disappointment.
It won’t make it right.

(If you’re confused on
what the original promise is,
ask the customer
“How can I make this right for you?”
Her first answer is the BARE MINIMUM.)

Replacing a defective product
won’t ‘make it right.’
It won’t compensate
for the disappointment
and the hassle of having to contact us.
It likely won’t keep that customer.
She’ll look at other companies
the next time
she needs the product.

Making it right
means doing more.
It means giving disappointed customers extra,
going that one step farther
because we know
we f*cked up.

It usually means sending a bonus
with the replacement product.
This bonus could be an additional product,
an extended warranty,
a package of chocolates,
a personalized handwritten note
from the CEO.
This something should surprise and delight
the customer.

To overcome a customer’s disappointment,
we should do MORE.

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