By k | March 27, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I received a few complaints
about my post on PMS.
These were from male readers
who were ‘uncomfortable’
that I was dealing with
‘female’ issues.

I was asked
by Jscott to blog for him
(on the old Road To Forbes site)
over a decade ago
because he felt I had insights
to share
and because there weren’t
very many business babes blogging.

There still aren’t.

Most of the advice I give
is applicable to any gender.

as one of the few females
in the business blogosphere,
I feel it is my responsibility
to share female-specific advice

Does this mean
I’m writing these posts
for my female readership only?

Because, if you’re a man,
odds are…
you’re working with females,
perhaps managing females,
perhaps selling to females.

You should know this shit
or, at the very least,
be aware of it.
You don’t want to be the asshat manager
who asks a female coworker
why she schedules more meetings
during a certain week of the month.

So yes, I will deal with female issues
and I should deal with them
because there aren’t many of us
tackling these subjects.

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