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Everyone has mood swings.
That’s normal.

I worked for one male executive
we called The Wolf Man
because he was always high strung
during full moons.
Another boss was super cranky
if he hadn’t had his coffee
in the morning.

Women are lucky
because we can usually predict
when some of the changes
in our moods
will happen.

I’m the most social
at the beginning of my cycle.
This is when I write stellar dialogue.
I expand my readership during this time,
focusing heavier on promotion
and interacting.

When I was in
the new business development world,
I’d plan meetings during this time.
I’d pitch new ideas to executives.
I’d sell ideas to others.

My creativity is usually at its highest
mid cycle.
This is when I come up
with my new story ideas
and when I do my best romance writing.

In the new business development world,
this was when I’d come up
with new products,
new systems,
new solutions for problems.

At the end of my cycle,
I’m super critical
of everything and everybody.
This is the BEST time
to edit and revise
my most important writing projects.
I also write the most powerful fight scenes

In the new business development world,
I’d kill under performing projects
during this time.
I’d make the hard decisions,
the not-so-nice decisions.

I’m a better writer
and was a better business woman
BECAUSE I have these mood swings.
They are powerful,
a tool to be harnessed,
to be used to make us more successful.

Pay attention to your body
and to your moods.
Plan your tasks
to take advantage of them.

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