By k | March 24, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

These are lean times
for many romance writers.
There is an oversupply
of books (product)
in the market.

Every day,
it seems another writer
she will no longer be publishing,
she’ll be giving up
on the ‘dream’
because she has to get
a day job,
earn money another way.

Here’s the thing about dreams
– realizing them
doesn’t have to be a full time venture.

I wrote for years part time,
writing words on flights,
during the bus ride to work,
while standing in line
at the grocery store.
It took me longer
than a full time writer would
but I got stories written,

You can do this
with the business you’re building also.
You can work on it part time.
You can dedicate every spare moment
to realizing your dream, your business goals.

And, if this sounds like too much work
(as many writers have told me it is),
well, you haven’t found the right dream yet.

If you can’t work full time
on your business,
work part time.

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