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I respond to EVERY single comment
on my Facebook posts.
EVERY one.

It takes time
but it’s one of the reasons
I have earned such loyalty
from my readership.

The comment could be a complaint.
If I take time to read,
to respond,
the complainer usually buys
my next book.

Seth Godin

“This is a challenge
that most census-structured
customer service surveys
have to deal with.
If you ask someone if they’re satisfied
and then don’t follow up later,
you’ve just made the problem
a lot worse.
If you ask your best customers for insight
and then ignore it,
you’ve not only wasted the insight,
you’ve wasted goodwill as well.”

For me,
social media and surveys
are the same type of interaction.
I’m asking my prospects/customers
to do something,
to comment or like or respond.
It is my responsibility
to respond to that,
to acknowledge it.

If you ask your customers or prospects
to do something,
ACKNOWLEDGE that they’ve done
that something
(and no, not with an autoresponse thank you,
with an individual response).

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