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When should you share
your entrepreneurial dreams
with the person
you might be spending your life with?

On the first date
if at all possible.

Because being an entrepreneur
isn’t something we do.
It is something we are.
It affects every aspect of our lives
and the lives of the people we love.

When I turned 40
and I started my transition
from corporate employee
to entrepreneur,
many friends and family members
were shocked.

My husband wasn’t.

I had been sharing my plans
with him
since the weekend
we first met.
I was honest about
what it would entail,
about the uncertainty of income,
the need for investment,
for time,
the sacrifices required.

I didn’t share this
with all of my friends
but I shared it with him.
Yes, I risked
him walking away.
Some people can’t handle
that vision of their future.
But I figured if he couldn’t handle it,
he likely wouldn’t appreciate
and love me.

He didn’t walk away
knowing what he did,
he then had decades to prepare.
He also knew it was a core part
of my personality.
He knew it had ALWAYS
been that way.
To love me
meant loving that part of me.

Don’t hide
the entrepreneurial part of you
from the people you love.

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