By k | February 26, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

You and I are building businesses.
These businesses
will change the world.
They might change the world
in a big way
or in a small way
but the change will happen.

That’s some scary sh*t
right there.
Some people don’t like change.
They won’t like us.
They might hate us.

But we have to do this.
We have to be brave.

Whenever I feel like chickening out,
like backing away
from building this business
I feel passionate about,
I play Reba McEntire’s
“She thinks his name was John.”

Reba McEntire is
one of the top selling country singers
of all time.
She’s an icon.

Country fans are extremely loyal.
They can also be extremely conservative,
very narrow in their usually Christian views.
Some are unabashed homophobes.

“She Thinks His Name Is John”
is about AIDS.
Reba McEntire was so passionate about the cause;
she risked the ire of the country world,
risked losing ALL of her fans,
risked her place in country history.

If she can risk that,
WE can risk the harsh judgment
of a handful of people
to build our businesses
and put our own stamp on the world.

Be brave.
Change the world.

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