By k | February 22, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

There are a group of readers
who expect
every book to be free.
They complain if a book isn’t free.

When they complain to me,
I simply think,
“You’re not my reader.”
These freebie hunters will never pay
for my books.
Why should I care what they think?

I don’t consider them
when I’m writing my books.
I don’t take them into account
when I’m pricing my books.
I ignore their feedback completely.

There are customers
who aren’t your customers also.
Maybe it’s the lady
who buys the latest dress
from your store,
wears it once,
and returns it.
Or maybe it is the customer
who complains so loudly
about everything
that he makes you
and your employees miserable.

You can’t refuse to sell to them
(that would probably prompt a lawsuit)
but you certainly don’t have
to take their input or preferences
into account
when you make business decisions.

It is okay to simply say
to yourself,
“He/She is NOT my customer.”

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