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When Southwest Airlines
makes an announcement,
passengers assume it will be humorous.
They’re known for their lighthearted view
of flying and the world.
Before they say a word,
passengers often smile.

One of my writing buddies
is known for her rants.
She’s often angry at the world.
When she attends events,
readers brace themselves.
They know there will be drama
and some hostility.
(And this WORKS for my buddy.)

Your default tone
is what customers and prospects expect.
It is what they look for
and will likely find.

If you want to deviate
from your default tone,
you might wish to warn
the people you’re communicating with.
“It is usually all fun and games at Southwest
but today, we need to talk about something serious.”
“I’m known for my rants
but even I can’t get angry about…”

Tone is part of your branding.
It is powerful.

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