By k | January 25, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

Expressing sympathy
is one of the ways
we can bond with our customers and prospects.

Sympathy is listening.
It is not necessarily
expressing that we’re going through
the same thing.
In fact, this tactic is likely to
backfire on you.


Because it feels like a competition.
One of my loved ones,
whenever I share that
something bad has happened to me,
will tell me how she has it worse.

Instead of feeling better,
I feel like she’s not listening to me.
I no longer talk to her
when I’m feeling poorly.

I express sympathy
with a simple
(hugs) on social media.
I listen.
I tell the person
that I feel for her/him.
I’m thinking about her/him.
I don’t talk about my own issues.
This is all about them,
about supporting them.

Express sympathy
in a sympathetic way.

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