By k | December 30, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

“But it’s harder now.”

I hear this statement often.
In the ‘good ol’ days’,
it was easier
to start a company,
to launch a successful writing career,
to do XXX.

But is it more difficult?

No, it’s not.


Svetlana Dragayeva,
managing director of
Phenomenon films
and creator of the Virry app,

“It is the speed
with which we now move
from concept to development and fulfilment.
We are constantly on the go
and highly responsive to new trends,
new technology and
new ways of creating products.

Technology always makes life easier.
I can’t imagine doing business
in the 80s
without mobiles, tech and devices.”

Today is a great time
to be an entrepreneur.
Stop making excuses
and take action!
Not January 1st.

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