By k | November 30, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Twenty years ago,
people didn’t complain about everything.
the world has changed.
If you do ANYTHING,
you are likely to receive a complaint
on it.

One of my top selling salesman friends
receives complaints
because he spends too much time
on the phone
speaking with clients.

He’s called into Human Resources
every time he receives one of these complaints
and has to spend valuable time
justifying his actions.
This not only decreases his sales
but it decreases his love
for the company.

Your innovators,
your marketers,
your salespeople
are going to receive complaints.
LOTS of complaints
(because they’re doing sh*t
and, that in itself,
will offend people).

Train your human resources department
on what is and isn’t a valid complaint.
If you don’t,
the doers will leave
and you’ll have a company staffed
with complainers.

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