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Many companies are following
the 40/40/20 rule with marketing.

What is the 40/40/20 rule?

Canada Post shares

“40% Targeting:
Find the customers
who are most likely
to buy your product.
Know who they are,
what they like and
how they behave.
Shape the tone and content
of your messaging
to appeal to their tastes.

40% Offer:
No one likes to miss out
on a good deal.
Give people a reason to buy
– a discount, a trial, an exclusive.
The offer is the key
to nudging someone
from considering a purchase
to making one.

20% Design and messaging:
Make an emotional connection
and a lasting impression.
If you don’t get noticed,
you won’t be heard.
Look professional
and sound credible.
People buy more from brands
they like and trust.”

Are you incorporating
all three of these factors
into your marketing?

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