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Seth Godin

“An interesting person
is interesting to us
because she combines two things:
Truth and surprise.

The truth:
Not necessarily a law of physics,
not necessarily a measurable truth
in nature,
but merely the truth of experience.
“I believe this,”
or “I see that.”

And surprise.
Note that surprise is always local.
Surprising to me, the audience.
That’s one reason that it’s said
that interesting people are interested
—they are empathetic enough
to realize about what might be surprising
to the person in the room,
and they care enough
to deliver on that insight.”

This is true of products also.
I’m currently adding Game of Thrones like twists
to stories in one of my romance series.
Because these twists are new
to romance readers,
they find them interesting.
If my readership read/watched
Game of Thrones,
they might not find the twists
as interesting.

A toy in a cereal box
isn’t interesting.
A toy taped to a juice box
might be.

Is your product interesting?

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