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Bestselling novels usually polarize people.
People love them
or they hate them.
They give these stories 5 stars
or 1 stars
on reviews.

I know many writers
who are deathly afraid
of 1 star reviews.
They prefer to write average stories
that don’t offend anyone.
These writers will never be super successful
and, if they’re happy with that,
that’s okay.

But if you want to be super successful,
you have to tolerate the 1 star reviews
to get the 5 five reviews.

Seth Godin

“Are you working
to make it more likely
that the 5 star reviews are
more intense, more numerous
and more truthful than ever,


Are you working
to minimize the number
of 1 star reviews?

Very hard to obsess about both,
since they tend to happen together.”

Which are you concentrating on?

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