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When my pen name (brand)
was new,
I could easily support
every writer (company)
that supported me.
They shared my new release information
on Facebook.
I shared their new release information.
It was manageable.

As my pen name grew,
this share for a share relationship
became impossible.
If I shared every release
my writer friends had,
that’s all I’d be doing.

So I’ve built ways for them
to share their new release information.
I host author interviews on my blog
and a weekly post on my Facebook page/profile
where folks can post about their releases
in the comments.

Because my readership base
is now larger,
my writer buddies are thrilled
with these opportunities.
They continue to share my information.
There isn’t a lot of professional jealousy.

My readers are also happy
because they’re exposed
to new-to-them releases.

To have support,
you have to give support.
Build a way to do this.

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