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I recently watched
I Am Evel Knievel,
a documentary
about the dare devil
and the master marketer.
That was what he was
– a master marketer.
(His story inspired me
to work on my own business.)

His break out stunt
was jumping the fountains at MGM.
He was a nobody at that time.

Why would the folks at MGM
work with a nobody?

He didn’t think they would
so he built his own hype.
He formed a fictitious corporation
phoned Jay Sarno, the casino’s CEO,
three times pretending to be
different lawyers for Evel Knievel.
He also called Sarno,
pretending to be
a reporter from ABC
and a reporter from Sports Illustrated,
asking about Evel Knievel.

By the time,
Evel Knievel called Sarno
as himself,
Sarno was interested in talking with him.
Evel was ‘in.’

I don’t suggest you lie about who you are.
The world is much more transparent now
than it was then.

But do take the time to set up
a sale.

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