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One thing that Facebook knows cold
is that the audience
is now driving conversations.

If your post has a lot of likes
or comments,
more people see it.
No one cares about the post?
Fewer people see it.

Aprille Janes

“The power in marketing today
has shifted to the audience.
They choose how they get information
and what to pay attention to.
If you respect and work
within that new paradigm,
you’ll develop satisfied customers
and raving fans.

- Consumers today
use communication mediums
to help them buy,
not to be sold to.
- People “curate” their experience.
You show them respect
by delivering content
they value in one place.
- We can encourage
two way conversations.
Listening to what they are interested in
saves time and effort.
- We can use frequency
rather than repetition
to become a trusted resource.
- As a small business,
it’s easier for us to engage
on a personal level.”

Want to increase your reach?
Talk about things
your prospects want you
to talk about.

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