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One of my pen names
is floundering
in a romance subgenre.
I was trying to figure out why.

Then I realized.
It wasn’t different enough
from the competition.
Yes, my voice is unique
but there wasn’t anything
I could point to
and say
“Hey readers,
you should buy these books
because XYZ.”

Brian Scudamore,
Founder of
(in July/August 2015
The Costco Connection)

“What is your business doing
that is new, exciting and different?
If you’re hearing crickets
when you ask yourself that,
it’s time to get creative.

Differentiating in a competitive market
is the only way to survive and thrive.
Whether it’s a quirky and engaging brand profile
or personalized customer service touches
(or both!),
evaluate why your company
deserves to lead the pack
in your industry.”

Always be different.

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