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We all have strengths and weaknesses.
Much of success is KNOWING
what these strengths and weaknesses

An analysis by Korn Ferry
of 6,977 professionals
at 486 publicly traded companies
determined that

“Poor-performing companies’ professionals
were 79 percent more likely
to have low overall self-awareness
than those at firms with robust ROR.”

Joy Hazucha,
Global Vice President
of the Korn Ferry Institute,

“Self-awareness can directly translate
into better choices,
and result in more fulfilling careers.
On the other hand,
those with low self-awareness
tend to scramble the messages
they receive concerning improvement,
interpreting them as a threat
rather than an opportunity.
They often have an
‘I am what I am’ mentality
and continue doing things
the way they always have.”

Are you in touch
with your TRUE personality?

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