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Seth Godin
has a great post
on expectations.

One snippet that I love

“Expectations work
for two reasons.

First, they give us the enthusiasm
and confidence to do hard work.

Second, like a placebo,
they subtly change our attitude,
and give us the resilience
to make it through
the rough spots.
“Eventually” gives us
the energy to persist.

When our culture
(our media,
our power structures,
our society) says,
“people who look like you
shouldn’t expect to have
a life like that,”
we’re stealing.
Stealing from people
capable of achieving more,
and stealing
from our community as well.”

As I’ve mentioned previously
on clientk,
I wasn’t expected to be successful
by many of the people
around me.
They weren’t successful.
They didn’t think that was possible
for me.

But SOME of the people
I met
expected big things from me.
They were so loud with this opinion
that I believed them
and expected it from myself.

As a clientk reader,
I expect equally great things
from you.
You’re intelligent.
You have access to tools
(like a computer
and the internet).
You have everything you need
to become successful.

Expect success for yourself.

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