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Whenever I hear about a husband
becoming upset
because his wife is more successful
than he is,
I shake my head.

Strength aligns with strength.
This is true in Romance novels
(the heroine should be the hero’s equal)
and it is true in life.

If your spouse is badass,
I can assure you
that people KNOW you’re badass.

As Will Wagner
(re: Dave Goldberg)

“Most strong personalities
would bristle at the perception
of being overshadowed
and might balk as being introduced
(as he often was)
as “Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey
and Husband of Sheryl Sandberg”.

Dave took that phrase
the way someone might take
the phrase
“CEO and Professional Race Car Driver.”
“Not only am I a great CEO and leader,
but I’m also a badass race car driver.”
Dave was clearly in love with his wife
and very proud of her,
and it showed.
She was part of his life story
and part of who he was.”

Your spouse is your partner,
not your competition.
When she does well,
you do well.
Be supportive.

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