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Every product, every person
has critics.
It’s human nature
to want to win over
these critics,
to get them to like us.

But can we
and should we?

Romance is one of the largest genres (categories)
in publishing.
Fifty Shades Of Grey
has sold over 90 million copies
(as of two years ago,
and it hasn’t dropped off the best selling lists
since then)
and plenty of romance readers
haven’t yet bought this book.
That’s how big the genre is.

There are reviewers, readers,
other influentials
who don’t like romance.

Should romance writers exert resources
to try to win over these critics?

Hell no.
Especially if that attempt means
upsetting the millions of people
who do love and appreciate romance.

And I don’t think winning them over
is possible.
Many of these critics
have built a reputation on
hating romance.
They’ll never admit to liking one.

Think about whether or not
you want to win over a critic
and realize that,
if the answer is yes,
this will come at a price.

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