By k | June 27, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

My editor for pay told me
that my most recent story
was the best I’ve ever written.
I believe her.
Because she has told me
in the past
that this story or that
would ‘disappoint readers’
i.e. sucks great hairy donkey balls.

A salesman buddy realized
he was weak
in written communications.
He enlisted my help
(as I’m a writer
AND a business person).
I read over all of his emails,
memos, presentations, etc.
I push him
to become better
with each correspondence
and tell him when he isn’t improving.

In a year’s time,
he’s went from that skill
being a weakness
to that skill
being a strength.
Other salesmen now come to him
for advice.

Who is pushing you
to become better?
Are you allowing this person
to be honest,
to tell you
when you’re not performing?

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