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Five years ago,
I was asked to join
a group with four other writers.

We all wrote romance.
We were at the same stage
of our businesses/career.
We were aggressively building
our businesses
but we were still considered
entry level writers.

We all wanted success
and we were willing
to work hard for it.

Saying yes
was the best writing decision
I ever made.

We exchange daily emails
pushing ourselves to work harder.
We share advice and opportunities
and insider knowledge.
All five of us
might write romance
but we provide different products.
Our voices are very different.
We often apply for the same opportunities
but we don’t compete.
If C wins the opportunity,
then the person wasn’t looking for me.
I wouldn’t have won it
even if C hadn’t applied.

And when we see individual success,
that individual success
helps the others in the group.
For example:
I’m now a USA Today Bestselling Author.
They all now have cover quotes
on their websites or book listing
from a writer with those credentials.
That gives them a little more
which helps with sales.

Could you do this
with fellow entrepreneurs?
Of course.
It’s even easier
because your products
will be vastly different.

Consider linking up
with fellow entrepreneurs.

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