By k | June 24, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

Like many viewers,
I tune into The Bachelor
and The Bachelorette

for pure escapism.

I hadn’t watched
any of this season,
turned the show on
because I couldn’t deal with
anything serious.

Only to discover
that the bachelorette
was having a fake wake.

Every person over the age of eighteen
has had some experience
with death.
It’s rarely a happy light experience.
To be reminded of that
wasn’t pleasant.

Yes, this ‘twist’ was controversial.
It had people talking.
I’m certain their social media numbers
were up
so, from the outside,
it looked like a successful episode.

Except it disappointed
regular viewers.
Concentrating on the marketing
f*cked up the product.
The product failed to deliver
on its promise.

Product first.
Marketing second.

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