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If you’re serious about gaining sales
or being successful,
you have to learn how to deal
with rejection.

Steve the Copywriter

“There is something
you DO need to cope with
- and it’s what kippers
99.999% of salespeople.

You have to deal with
endless rejections
“No, No, No…”

Most salespeople get “rejected”
more often in month
than others are in a lifetime.

It can be tough
and it does take resilience.

But you can’t be successful in sales
without the rejections -
mathematically it’s impossible
(don’t let anybody tell you differently).
It’s all about numbers.”

I get rejected every da*n day,
often multiple times a day.
I also ‘offend’ people
(because some people are offended
when you simply mention your products
- in my case, my books).

Learn how to deal with it.

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