By k | May 30, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Years ago,
I supported a fresh new writer.
I introduced her to other writers,
pimped her to readers,
eased connections for her.

When she began to outsell me,
she dropped her association
with me.
She’d organized anthologies,
group projects,
and wouldn’t include me.

Then I landed on
the USA Today bestseller list.
A week later,
she asked me to join
an anthology.

My first instinct
was to tell her
to kiss my ass.

I didn’t act on this first instinct
because I was looking for
an anthology to be part of.
I know any anthology
this aggressive writer is involved with
will be successful.
I like being successful.

So I said yes.
I’ll never trust her again
but I will use her
to achieve my goals.

There’s a cost
to holding grudges.
I wasn’t willing to pay it.
It is your decision
whether or not
you are.

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