By k | April 29, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

My branding under my romance pen names
is very narrow.
I know what I write.
My readers know what I write.

Yet people often approach me,
asking me to contribute to their projects
(boxed sets, multi writer series, charity anthologies),
then, after I agree,
they ask me to write
something completely different.

We ALL do this.
We go to a steakhouse
and order chicken.
We ask a print marketing expert
to design a social media ad.

These experts might say yes
as a favor to you
or out of financial need
but they chose to work in another area.
That’s their preference.

I’ve been in a top steakhouse
when a guest ordered chicken.
The chef and everyone around him
had expressions of disgust on their faces.
And the chicken wasn’t very good.

If you ask an expert
to perform a task outside of her expertise,
don’t expect
that same level of greatness
and don’t expect her to be thrilled
with the challenge.

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