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In this go, go, go world,
we all want things
to happen instantly.
We want instant replies,
instant action.

That’s great
when you’re paying for a task.
When you’re asking a favor,
time is required.

A loved one wants to use
our house as a hotel.
(i.e. This isn’t a visit.
He merely needs a place to sleep.)
He knew we were out of communication
for a week.
Even though his trip
is over a month away,
he booked his flights
while we were out of communication,
assuming we’d be home during his stay
and able to pick him up at the airport.

Another loved one
wants me to complete her tax returns.
While we were away,
she called three or four times a day,
leaving messages,
asking me to pick up her information.
She has a month to file the returns.

Neither of these instances
makes me super enthused
to grant the favors.

Ask for favors
well in advance of deadlines.
Then be patient
if the favor granter
has deadlines of her own.

If you don’t have the time
to wait,
spend the dollars
and pay for the services.

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