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Word of mouth is
one of the best means
of marketing.

I reach out to many romance bloggers
and Facebook page/group managers,
asking their assistance
to promote my books.

How do I decide?
I usually look at Facebook pages/groups
with a certain number of likes/members
(this number depends on
how niche the story or the page/group is).
I look at bloggers
whom I know Tweet or post on Facebook
about their posts.

Dan Fell,
business development director
shares his list.

“One of the best ways
to assess a brand ambassador’s influence
is to find out
how much site traffic they generate
through their online platforms,
how many followers they have on Twitter,
and how many likes they have on Facebook.”

You can’t reach out to everyone.
There’s not enough time in the day.
Decide before you start your campaign
who you will target.

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