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Seth Godin
talks about
how there’s one person
in every group that says

“On behalf of the masses,
the uncommitted,
the ones who don’t care,
we need to dumb this down,
smooth out the edges and
make it more average.
We need to oversimplify it,
make it a bit banal,
stupid even.
If we don’t,
then some people won’t get the joke,
won’t be satisfied,
or worse, complain.”

You and I don’t have to concern ourselves
about producing products or messages
or anything
for the masses.
Not right now.
Maybe not forever.

There are huge corporations
who have assigned themselves
that role.

Our job is to create something different,
not seen or done before
(even if this is a small tweak).
If we don’t receive at least one so-called complaint
saying “this isn’t the same as XXX”,
we’ve failed in our job.

Dare to be different.
Leave pleasing the masses to others.

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