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In a recent episode of
The Voice,
Pharrell Williams
asked a contestant.
“Do you practice every day?”
She shook her head,
gazing at him
as though this was a unique concept.
His expression back at her?
You should be.
It’s a must-do.

There are myths in every business.

In singing,
there’s the myth of resting your voice.
Non-singers think
that means taking a day off.
It doesn’t.

In writing,
there’s the myth of the muse.
Stories just come to writers.
Yeah, I wish.
It requires hard work,
dedication to craft,
more hard work.

The thing is…
talking about hard work
isn’t sexy.
It doesn’t appeal to the average customer
(especially in the entertainment field).
Your customers don’t want to hear about
the five hundred designs
that didn’t work.
They want to hear about the one
that ‘magically’ did.

That doesn’t mean the hard work
isn’t being done.

Learn the truth about your industry.
Decide whether or not
you should share that truth
with customers.

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