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I firmly believe in a certain trend
in romance novels.
The big New York publishers
aren’t on board.
They’re not buying these stories.

I asked myself
“Am I willing to risk
NOT taking advantage of this trend?
Will I kick myself
if this trend becomes huge
(as I believe it will)
and I’m not there?”

That’s too big of a risk for me,
bigger than the risk
of going into the trend early
and having to self publish.

John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen,
The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

“What Producers [self-made billionaires]
are not willing to risk
is the chance to capture an opportunity.
This dynamic creates a critical duality
between the right kind of risk
and the resilience needed
to do it all over again
when the original plan doesn’t work out.”

Would you rather be too early
with an idea
and risk a redo
or miss capturing the opportunity?

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