By k | February 21, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

The average person
uses the same words
over and over
(yes, even writers do this
- this is one way
we define our style).

Some of the words
you may be using
are doing more harm
than good.

A loved one was using ’stupid’
again and again.
It’s not a professional word.
It’s not a powerful word.
I noticed
and told him.
He was surprised.
He hadn’t noticed he was doing that.
He has since erased this word
from his vocabulary.

You likely don’t know
you’re using a harmful word also.
What can you do?
Record your conversations for an entire day.
Replay them
(perhaps on your commute).
Note the words you use.
Can you improve these?
Make them stronger?

Monitor your speech
(and your thinking).

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