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I confess to
having taken mental health days
while I was in corporate.
I’d call in sick
when I wasn’t truly sick,
taking a day off
to think about things
and to recuperate.

I sincerely believe
that going to work angry
will do more harm
to a career
than taking a day off.

BUT you should stay home
and stay away from social media.

“In a new CareerBuilder poll*,
31% of bosses confessed to
checking up on absentees
-some asking for a doc’s note,
others calling them at home.
Twenty-four percent said
they’d gone on Facebook or Twitter
and found ’sick’ employees sounding
-and looking-
just fine.
And 15% admitted to
driving by a no-shows house.
(We hope you don’t work
for one of those.)

If bosses did bust AWOL-ers?
Half chewed them out,
while 22% fired them.”

Stay off social media
during sick days
(legit or not)

And, if your boss is checking up
on you,
consider it a sign that
you’re not doing your job
while you ARE at work.

* Jan/Feb 2015
Men’s Fitness

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