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We’re entrepreneurs.
We’ll fail.
One of the deciding factors
in our success
is how long it will take us
to determine a failure.

In December 2014
Men’s Fitness,
Mario Armstrong shares

“I like to apply
the scientific method
to any task.
After devising a hypothesis,
like ‘Can I run 15 miles each week?’
I test it by seeing
if I can accomplish my goal.
If I can,
I keep pushing -
maybe my next hypothesis will be
to see if I can run 20 miles each week.

If I ‘fail,’
it’s back to Step 1
and creating a new hypothesis
based on the results of the first experiment.
I couldn’t run 15 miles in a week
but realized I could run 7,
so my next hypothesis is
to see if I can push myself
from there to 10 miles.

Technically I never failed -
I just discovered something
about the current version
of myself,
then started working
on a ’system upgrade.’”

Test your hypothesis.
Determine success or failure.
Adjust that hypothesis.

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