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I’ve attended sales pitches
for products
I had no intention of buying
simply because
the salesperson was so d*mn good.
I knew I’d learn something.
Sometimes what I learned
prompted me to buy the product
I didn’t think I needed.

Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

“Customers were painfully blunt
on this point:
They perceived very little difference
between suppliers on things
like brand, product or price.
At the same time,
the sales experiences they delivered
were highly variable.

Some reps, they said,
would so thoroughly waste their time
that at the end of the sales call
they felt as though
they’d just been robbed
of an hour of their lives.

On the other hand,
those same customers told us
that other reps would take the time
to provide information
so interesting and valuable that
— to paraphrase Neil Rackham
— the customer would have been willing
to pay for the conversation itself.

“I love meeting with those folks,”
customers would tell us,
“I always learn something
when I spend time with them.””

If your sales pitch is informative
and interesting,
prospects WILL listen.

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