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As an entrepreneur,
you are likely trying
to launch a different product or service
in an established industry.

Don’t expect these established players
to support or appreciate
what you’re doing.

A buddy of mine
launched an interactive romance novel.
She thought book bloggers and reviewers
would be excited.
She was giving them something different
to discuss.

They weren’t.
They didn’t want different.
Their blogs and readership
revolved around existing romance novels.

Toller Cranston,
a figure skater who was ‘punished’
in the 1970’s
by judges
who didn’t understand
his new way of skating,
a way that judges
now accept as ‘normal’,
once shared

“To be a genuine individualist
requires a great deal of
strength and courage.
It is never easy
to chart new territory,
to cross new frontiers,
to introduce subtle shadings
to an established color.”

Changing the status quo
isn’t easy.
Do it anyway.

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