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I receive quite a few emails
from clientk readers
asking me to write longer posts
or to add photos.
That’s not what clientk is.
Clientk is a approximately
100 word snippet reminders
of key business lessons,
often with a link to a longer article.

Scott McKain
in What Customers Really Want

“In the early days
of my professional speaking business,
I worked at providing my “prospects”
with a wide range of topics.
I figured if I could provide programs
on everything
from time management to selling skills,
from leadership to motivation,
I would be able to get more bookings
—and therefore, more income.

The problem was,
by taking everything that came along,
I didn’t create an identity for myself
as a provider of quality information
on anything.
It wasn’t until I started getting picky
and focusing on just one thing
—the creation of the experiences
that ensure customer loyalty
—that my speaking career blossomed.”

“As strange as it sounds,
I believe that Wal-Mart is picky.
It is not in the market
for every person seeking
a retail experience.
It shoots for the segment
of the buying pubic
who seeks the best possible
price/value ratio
—and that is not everyone out there.”

Be picky about what you do.

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