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There has never been
a product launch
with zero risk.
It doesn’t matter
how much data we have,
how much research we do,
how closely we mirror
a previous launch,
we don’t know
how the product will perform.


Roger Martin

“As the clever
early 20th century American
pragmatist philosopher
Charles Sanders Peirce
pointed out —
not about business
but about the world in general —
it is not possible to prove analytically
that a new idea is
a good one in advance.
It’s pretty simple
when you think about it.
There is no data
about how a genuinely new idea
will interact with the world
in advance of said new idea
actually interacting with the world.
Therefore there is no way
to prove it will work in advance.”

The only way
to prove
your product will be successful
is to launch it.
Pull the trigger.

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