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Entrepreneurs tend to be optimistic.
We have to believe
our companies and products will work
or we’d never launch them.

Top managers of established companies
tend to be pessimistic.

Frank Gruber,
cofounder and CEO of Tech Cocktail,

“Positive psychology researchers
have found that
people in top managerial positions
are often pessimistic by nature,
trained to see the risks
and worst-case outcomes
in any situation.
While that can be beneficial
to the company,
it’s not the best attitude
when innovation is your goal.
If you’re pessimistic,
try to break out of that mental habit
and deliberately question your assumptions.
What evidence is there
that things will go horribly wrong?
What is the most likely result?
What could we gain by trying?”

If you’re dealing with a top manager
at a large organization,
realize she is likely
to be a pessimist.
Adapt your pitching style
to incorporate this.

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