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If you’re like me,
you’re rushing
to schedule social media content
for over the holidays.

The good news is…
You don’t have to
write all of this content yourself.

Convince and Convert

“Companies that link
to third-party websites
(content curation)
75 percent of the time or more
generate a lot of clicks
but few conversions.
This makes sense,
since conversions happen
on your own website.

Companies that link
to third-party sites
between 50 and 75 percent
of the time
have fewer clicks per post
but realize higher conversion rates.

Companies that link
to their own content
50 percent of the time or more
experience a negative impact
on clicks-per-post (engagement),
but they don’t realize greater conversions
than companies
with a more balanced mix
of owned versus curated content.”

What does this mean?
You only have to make up
your own sh*t
50 percent of the time.
The rest can be shares or retweets
or forwards
(with a reason why you’re doing this).

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