By k | November 30, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I’m always torn
about whether or not
I should mention current events,
especially politically charged events
like Ferguson
on social media.

Tagging these events
will bring me
quite a few eyeballs.
But are these the eyeballs
I want?
Are they prospective customers?
Will these events put my prospects
in the right mood
to buy my product?
Will my prospects think
I’m capitalizing on a tense situation?

On the other hand,
if I don’t mention these events,
will customers think
I’m not in touch
with what they’re grappling with,
with their concerns and worries?

With my romance pen names,
brands that sell happy,
I usually state something like
“With everything happening in the world today,
we need this”
and then I’ll post
a link or photo or quote
that has meaning
(and is brand appropriate)
even if customers/readers
aren’t aware of current events.

Think about whether or not
you’ll address current events
in social media.

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