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There are strengths
to being a smaller business.
One of these strengths
is the direct relationship
customers have to employees/owners.
Many customers love
being able to put a name or face
to the product they buy.

One smaller potato chip company
puts employee stories
on the back of their packaging.
They introduce customers
to potato farmers,
share the inspiration
behind flavors,
naming the employee responsible,
talk about regional sales people.
This marketing works.
I pick up this brand
simply for the stories.

Seth Godin

“We expect authors,
painters and singers
to identify themselves,
to sign the work they do.

And surgeons and lawyers as well.

What about managers,
committee members,
engineers and everyone else
who makes something?
Who made this policy?
Who designed this menu?
Who approved this project?”

Put a name to the work.

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