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We all know the saying
‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’
Social media avatars matter.

The first task is
to change the default image.

Denise O’Berry

“To other people
on those networks,
seeing the default image
will scream that you just don’t care.

When people do business
with a company,
they want to know exactly
who they’re connecting with.

It will be a challenge
to make connections with others
if you don’t make a point
to upload a photo or logo
so people get a sense
of who you are.”

But what image
do you change the default to?

As a writer,
I use my latest cover.
That’s what I want readers
to recognize,
to pick up at online stores,
to associate with my posts.

Your avatar is part
of your online branding.
Ensure that it reflects
this branding.

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