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When I first started writing romance novels,
I wanted to write romances
that taught business lessons.
I knew that many romance readers
were also businesswomen.

Sales were terrible.
Because women read romance novels
expecting entertainment.
They read business books
as ‘work.’
They don’t want these two worlds
to collide.

I’m currently working on
another merger of worlds.
This time, however,
the worlds both reside in entertainment.
Will it work?
I don’t know
BUT I do know there is a market existing
in both of these worlds.

Seth Godin

“Our job is
to find the disconnected
and connect them,
to find people eager
to pursue a goal
and give them the structure
to go achieve that goal.

But just about always,
we start with an already existing worldview,
a point of view,
a hunger that’s waiting
to be satisfied.”

Start with an existing market
and then push at the edges
or merge different markets.
Don’t start from zero.

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