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I’m a positive person
but this positivity is rooted
in a realistic view of life.
Things go wrong.
We have to prepare for these things.
We can’t assume
that everything will be perfect.

And that’s what I find frustrating
about the advice
“Think of the result you want.”
It is missing the second part.
“Prepare for the challenges
that might block you
from achieving what you want.”

Gabriele Oettingen,
author of
Rethinking Positive Thinking

“Positive thinking fools our minds
into perceiving that
we’ve already attained our goal,
slackening our readiness
to pursue it.”

Oettingen suggests

“What does work better
is a hybrid approach that
combines positive thinking
with “realism.”
Here’s how it works.
Think of a wish.
For a few minutes,
imagine the wish coming true,
letting your mind wander
and drift where it will.
Then shift gears.
Spend a few more minutes
imagining the obstacles
that stand in the way
of realizing your wish.”

Think positively
but prepare for things to go wrong.

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