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When I first started blogging,
there were
very few female business bloggers.
almost 10 years later,
there are STILL very few female business bloggers.
There are even fewer female social CEOs.

Andrea Learned

“The related study,
conducted by Refresh and
discussed by Zach Taiji
in Social Media Today,
found that the average CEO
who uses social media is,
…wait for it…
a 38 year old male.
Though I guess
it is “A Refreshing Look…,”
(as goes the infographic’s title)
in that there now ARE social CEOs to point to,
the gender disparity therein
is far from refreshing:
of the social CEOs studied,
89 percent were male
and 11 percent were female.”

A blog can open doors.
I’ve been invited to
events I wouldn’t otherwise
have attended.
I’ve met influential people
I otherwise wouldn’t have.
This is with me being semi-anonymous.

Consider being more active
on social media.
Share your expertise
and experiences
with others.
More importantly,
show the world
that you’re there,
you have a voice.

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